3 Double Stack Magazine Pouches, 1 Magnetic Magazine Pouch Combo


  • Right hand only. Double Stack. This Combo includes 3 Competition Magazine Pouch Storm Grand Master Black and 1 Magnetic Competition Magazine Pouch.
  • Super Light weight 3.2 Oz, strong and durable Nylon 6 material. Designed for high competition shooters for its high degree of simplicity
  • Fully adjustable 360 degrees rotation, design with a novel system of springs and with adjustable screw, making it simple and versatile. Smooth and fastest magazine change
  • Fits mags for the most of the double stacks, all 2011 STI, SV, Para, Caspian, Bul M5, Kimber Hi Cap, all Small Framed Glock, Cz, Tanfoglio ,HK USP Pistols in 9mm and .40 Smith and Wesson, Browning P35, XD & XDM. Can be used in all divisions USPSA- IPSC ( Classic production, Limited, Open and Carry Optic)
  • Made for IPSC & USPSA competition belts. For Competition Belt with 1.5"

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