• Inner Belt
• Outer Belt
• Belt Keeper

 The Professional Heavy Duty Competition Belt was developed and designed for 3Gun, IDPA, IPSC and USPSA competitors. This might be the most rigid and durable belt available for competitive shooters (we've Googled and nothing comes close to ours). The 1 1/2'' outer belt allows you to use several magazine pouches, shotgun caddies and your gun holster without any sagging on bending. 

The Pro Heavy Duty Belt offers an outer belt that's 9 mm which is an improvement from our PRO LIGHTWEIGHT BELT, which is only 7 mm thick.

The Heavy Duty Belt was released with the feedback of fellow competitors that demanded controlled rigidity, high torque resistance and comfort.

2 mm belt core, 5 mm overall thickness 5 mm belt core, 9 mm overall thickness


Both Inner and Outer Belts are made out of HDPE extra virgin fiber sheet and Velcro.