One of the most critical feedbacks that we received over the Pro HD Competition Holster is that the muzzle of the firearm tends to move towards the user's thigh since there was no support on the bottom section of the holster. This issue varied on the user's body type so the design was updated with a 15mm addition to the bottom section of the belt attachment: 


Once we had the first prototype, we immediately noticed the difference that the thigh support addition made:

The firearm is now at a perfect 90° and still meets USPSA rules regarding the distance and ride-height requirements of the holster. The Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster is still being manufactured with 6066 aluminum and you can be sure that this holster will go on many matches without failure.
Use the "Search by Gun" drop-down to find this holster for your preferred firearm(s). Please note that during this time, we are only offering this style in the black finish. The blue and red belt attachments will be available on the next product batch.