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SKELETOR Black Scorpion Holster


Black Scorpion’s Skeletor Holster is a compact size, fully adjustable competition speed holster.

The Skeletor is strong, durable and made from reinforced ABS Polymer and Magnet N52 Heavy Duty. The holster is equipped with brass thread inserts for the secure holding of all the attached parts and accessories.

A lock/unlock lever allows the user to secure the gun for holster test stages or when walking around the range. The unlock position allows for a smooth and fast draw.

Depending on the brand and model of the weapon used, an additional adjusting lever allows the shooter to increase the holding pressure on the pistol.

Available colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and Purple.

The Black Scorpion Skeletor Holster provides the shooter with the maximum support of the pistol, while also delivering the access and agility necessary for a consistent, fast and accurate draw.

Gun Fits STI, SVI, SPS & BUL, 2011
Hand Right
Holster Application IPSC / USPSA Outside the waistband (OWB)
Material Reinforced ABS Polymer / Brass thread inserts
Hardware Stainless steel
Belt Width Fit 1.5"
Cant  Fully adjustable

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