Beretta 92X Performance Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster


Belt Attachment Color:
Color: Carbon Fiber


Designed for sport shooting, the Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster is an outside the waistband drop-and-offset holster that can be adjusted to the user's preferred angle and height. this holster is approved in 3Gun, IPSC, and USPSA. The Pro HD Holster features an aluminum 6061 Belt Attachment that can accommodate 1.5'' competition belts.

Compatible Model: Beretta 92X Performance 5.8''

QUESTION: Which belt can I use with this holster?

The Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster's belt attachment will only work with belts up to 1.5''. We recommend pairing it with our Pro Heavy Duty Competition Belt

QUESTION: How do I adjust the angle and height of the holster?

The angle can be adjusted by loosening the two 2mm Allen screws. In order to adjust the ride height, you must remove the belt 2mm Allen screws and change the position of the belt attachment.

QUESTION: Is this holster compatible with rail accessories?

No. The holster is focused on competitive shooting which prohibits the use of rail attachments.

QUESTION: Is this holster compatible with my red dot sight?

The way the holster is designed and cut will allow you to use any red dot sight.

QUESTION: Will this holster work with suppressor height sights?

Yes (mostly). The holster's sight line is raised by 15mm which will allow for most suppressor height sights to pass through.

QUESTION: Can I use a threaded barrel with this holster?

Yes, the holster is designed to allow threaded barrels to pass through.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gerhard Karner
Holster for Beretta 92x

Very good holster for my gun.

It all Berreta 92 frames.

This holster fits my Berreta 92FS with Langdon Tactical slide with Suppressor height sites with a red dot.

Glen Stark
Up you game with this gear!

I’ve been shooting for years but never had the need for a competition set up. My shooting group finally talked me into the Scorpion Pro Competition (they all use it) and they were right. It brought another level of fun and speed to the game. Once you get the hardware on the belt, it’s solid and stays in place. If I had to complain about anything it might be that the mag holder comes loose easily and I need to tighten it about once per session. That small issue aside, I absolutely recommend this rig to anyone who wants to up their game.

agustin salinas

Very good holster

Andreas Yankopolus
Excellent fit and fast draw across models

This holster fits both my 92X Performance and 92X LTT and gives a smooth, fast draw with both. Some holster shells fit the Brigadier slide and match takedown lever of the 92XP but not the suppressor-height sights on the LTT. Or they bump off the scope cover on the LTT. Others fit the LTT but hang up on the 92XP’s Brigadier slide and/or match takedown lever. Black Scorpion has designed the shell to hold both in place while accommodating the differences. Neither pistol feels loose.

The hanger also holds the shell securely, and the way it’s designed, standing with a wide stance minimally changes the angle of the holster. Some hangers rest against your upper leg, so widening your stance torques the holster shell inward and can cause binding on the draw.

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