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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Which belt can I use with this mag pouch?

This magazine pouch is compatible with belts up to 1.5''. You can pair it perfectly with our Pro HD Competition Belt

QUESTION: Will this mag pouch work with double stack .45 magazines?

No. The magazine pouch will work with 9mm and .40 double stack magazines but the double stack .45s are a bit too wide and will not fit. 

QUESTION: How do I mount the magazine pouch to the belt?

We've intentionally designed the belt attachment to fit tight around the belt in order to eliminate as much unwanted movement as possible so naturally, they are hard to slide onto the belt. In order to ease this process, we recommend heating up the belt attachment with a heat gun or hairdryer. The heat will expand the belt attachment enough for you to comfortably slide them into place.

QUESTION: Will the magnet work with Glock magazines?

Yes, the magnet is strong enough to hold fully loaded Glock magazines.

QUESTION: How do I convert to right-hand draw? - Left/handed shooters.

*Video tutorial coming soon