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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Can I use a 1.75'' belt with this holster?

No. The belt attachment is compatible with belts up to 1.5 inches wide.

QUESTION: How do I adjust the angle and height of the holster?

This holster does not give you an option to adjust the 'cant' but you can raise/lower the holster by moving the position of the belt attachments.

QUESTION: Is this holster compatible with my red dot sight?

The way the holster is designed and cut will allow you to use any red dot sight.

QUESTION: Will this holster work with suppressor height sights?

Yes (mostly). The holster's sight line is raised by 15mm which will allow for most suppressor height sights to pass through.

QUESTION: Can I use a threaded barrel with this holster?

Yes, the holster is designed to allow threaded barrels to pass through.