Help Us Decide Which Gun We Should Design a Holster For!

As we focus on adding new gun models to our Pro-Series line, we'd appreciate it if you help us in deciding which gun we should design a holster for. Below, is a link to a 2 question survey that includes several gun models to choose from. If the gun you'd like for us to design a holster for is not listed, please leave a comment with the manufacturer and model.


Hi, I need a heavy duty pro competition, red holster for a Nighthawk chairman.
Do you have one or can you make one?

Lori Roth December 19, 2022

Canik Mete SFX

Bob November 25, 2022

Glock 36

Omar G. November 20, 2022

Cz Czechmate Iron sight w/o compensator.

Bng November 13, 2022

Typo.. fnx tac 45 holster..and separately..holster for 10mm.doublestack..ex..springfield elite in 10mm.

Alan November 06, 2022

Please advise or crwate holster for fnx tac 45 and separately a holster for springfield 19mm.doublestack.God Bless

Alan November 06, 2022

SIG 365 Xmacro

John November 02, 2022

Sig P229 holsters IWB or OWB, I run a stock gun, I’m just not into “race guns”, if the SHTF, I’ll have a stock pistol to use and not some specialty item.

Mike Senko August 30, 2022

Competition Canik SFx w/ 45 Blast Compensator !!!

Sean July 09, 2022

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Wally Gargett April 11, 2022

Competition holster for the 45 Blast compensator on the Canik TP9SFX

Dustin March 30, 2022


Vincent Scatton March 02, 2022

Competition holster for the 45 Blast compensator on the Canik TPSFX.

Caesar Brabo February 20, 2022

IWI Jericho 941F

Chris February 19, 2022

GP 100 , match champion 4 inch

Pete February 13, 2022

Competition holster for the Jericho 941

Kevin December 31, 2021

CZ 97b

Terry Hemmes November 25, 2021

S&W 5906 custom PPC 5”

Tam Cragg November 25, 2021

Looking for a drop holster to fit Springfield 1911 loaded operator. 5” with rail.

Eric Emery August 31, 2021

Looking for a competition holster left hand for Glock 48

Howard Tanenbaum ( hlteyedoc) August 15, 2021

FN 509 Tactical with Streamlight TLR-7A

Diaz August 03, 2021

Taurus TH40

Richard Oliver June 28, 2021

FN 509 Tactical

Cody June 10, 2021

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