CZ Tactical Sport 2 Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster


Color: Black

The Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster boasts an anodized aluminum belt attachment with an integrated 15mm spacer that forces the firearm to sit at a 90-degree angle. The Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster is compatible with 1.5'' belts and offers thumb screws that allow you to adjust the firearm retention level along with angle and ride-height adjustability while still meeting IPSC and USPSA holster rules. The thermoformed 0.08'' Kydex shell is designed specifically for the advertised firearm. 

Compatible Model: CZ P10 Compact 4.02'' barrel - NOTE: Holster is not compatible with the Racing Green or Deep Bronze models.

QUESTION: Which belt can I use with this holster?

The Pro Heavy Duty Competition Holster's belt attachment will only work with belts up to 1.5''. We recommend pairing it with our Pro Heavy Duty Competition Belt

QUESTION: How do I adjust the angle and height of the holster?

The angle can be adjusted by loosening the two 2mm Allen screws. In order to adjust the ride height, you must remove the belt 2mm Allen screws and change the position of the belt attachment.

QUESTION: Is this holster compatible with rail accessories?

No. The holster is focused on competitive shooting which prohibits the use of rail attachments.

QUESTION: Is this holster compatible with my red dot sight?

The way the holster is designed and cut will allow you to use any red dot sight.

QUESTION: Will this holster work with suppressor height sights?

Yes (mostly). The holster's sight line is raised by 15mm which will allow for most suppressor height sights to pass through.

QUESTION: Can I use a threaded barrel with this holster?

Yes, the holster is designed to allow threaded barrels to pass through.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Hans Gustafsson
Good stuff!

Llike the whole rig. Good build quality. Will take me some time to adjust to new gun and holster, used HK P7 M13 for 23 years in thumb break pancake leather holster, IPSC since 2014. This really nice holster and mag holders will make transition from striker fire to hammer fire easier. Don’t have to worry about holster/ mag holders it just works! Really like it!

Anthony Shebanek
Perfect fit for stock CZ TS2

Almost a 5 star product. Fits perfect and love the off hip rigging. I have two small things I don’t like. One is the bolts to secure to your belt should be on the opposite side IMO. That way you can secure the holster to your gun belt without having the holster be in the way. If it was from inside belt side it would be better. Second is if you have a gas pedal for your TS2 it will not fit in the holster. I had to put my stock slide release back on so it would work. Overall very good solid product and do recommend. Good value for the price.

great product, great service

great product, fits TS2 no problem. Holster design allows use of optic, I have SRO and holster doesn't interfere with it. I lost one of the screws that holds the side of the holster and support mailed it to me right away. Great service!

Andrew Baylis

Will this holster work for a TS2 Racing Green with the factory thumb rest? I have a BSG holster that requires the rest to be removed but it is an awesome holster, which is why I want another.

Demetrius Finch

Great holster! Holster met my expectations with perfect fit and works great with my CZ SP01 tactical also. I have one for my Beretta 92X performance as well. Definitely worth the money.

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