Springfield Armory Prodigy 4.25'' Pro IDPA Competition Holster


Color: Black


The Pro IDPA Competition Holster offers an easy and convenient way to hip-carry your handgun. The holster is compatible with virtually any red-dot sight on the market and the open-muzzle design allows threaded barrels to pass. Originally designed for competition, this holster is great for concealed or open carry.

Compatible Model: Springfield Prodigy 4.25''

QUESTION: How can I make this holster work with a 2'' belt?

The Pro IDPA Holster's belt attachment has two smalls tabs that can be removed to accommodate a 2'' belt.

QUESTION: Why can't I adjust the ride height of the holster?

The ride height on this holster is designed to meet IDPA rules. We hate to limit the angle/height adjustments of our holsters but this is unfortunately the case for these models.

QUESTION: How tight can this holster get?

The retention on this holster can be adjusted to the point that you will not be able to draw the gun from the holster but we will obviously never recommend that. 

QUESTION: Is this holster compatible with my red dot sight?

The way the holster is designed and cut will allow you to use any red dot sight.

QUESTION: Will this holster work with suppressor height sights?

Yes (mostly). The holster's sight line is raised by 15mm which will allow for most suppressor height sights to pass through.

QUESTION: Can I use a threaded barrel with this holster?

Yes, the holster is designed to allow threaded barrels to pass through.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I'm fast as f*ck boi!

Here's a clean, no-nonsense rig that just slides right out for action games. Retention can be adjusted for firmness so if you need it to stay in the holster, it certainly can be set up that way. But who would want to? It's cut so well and so fast, my Prodigy with RDS (originally an RMR and now an SRO) just flies out and makes A-zone hits all day every day. And that's before I even draw it! Highly recommend this for anybody that doesn't require Level X retention, levers, handles, and hoods for their high speed shenanigans. Quality is top-notch, mold is quality, thickness is perfect. For those that might be wondering about this: mounting holes are 1.5" vertical, and they match up with the S*f*ril*nd QLS. Cuz, you know, HSLD.

Jeff Harrison
Good Price for Holster

Holster is a little thin to my normal competition holsters. Biggest complaint but small is how high the trigger guard comes up, really digs into your finger when drawing. Also, wanted to make sure it just wasn't me and had 5 other people try it all had the same complaint. Easily fixed it by grinding the back edges down.

The holster fits my pistol perfectly

The holster is of high quality, fits perfectly, it will do what I want.

Christopher Lucero
I need a new handgun to order another BSG holster!!

As with the other BSG Holster I’ve ordered, tihe fit and quality is excellent, even with an optic. Retention adjustability range has a wide variability, from none to very tight.The IDPA attachment secures to the belt nicely and is easily put on and taken off. I ordered the Pro Heavy Duty attachment also as an alternate option attachment. Either setup works great, I’m extremely happy!!

Ryan Hancock
IDPA holster

Love the holster. Great fit

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